Phibion Ncube

Artistic Director

Phibion Ncube is artistic director of the multi award winning Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble - born and bred in the cultural hub of Zimbabwe in the city of kings in Bulawayo.

I am inspired by the life in the township and the talent which is found there. Art is something which one is born with. I believe I was born an artist, I love art, and I do it for a living.

My main agenda as a director is to nature best artists in Zimbabwe who will further their skills and develop them and pass it on to the next generation as one day our time will come to lay down the tools.


I started dancing while I was still a young boy growing up in the outskirts of Bulawayo at a place called Fairbridge. We used to perform at school events and the school would request for more.

I then moved to the city center, things changed a lot as I began to see the real world. My friends and I would perform at local weddings and parties for free as a hobby and giving back to the community. I then later realized that if a talent is well utilized one can afford to look after themselves.

Upon finishing my secondary school level I then joined the arts industry. I have worked and travelled with quite a number of ensembles and during that time I gained the required experience. In 2007 I decided to study Arts Administration course with ZNTDA in Harare so as to advance my skills. I graduated in 2009 and upon graduation, I decided to form Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble that was in the year 2009. I realized that most young people in our community had talent but they did not have means on how to enhance the talents and showcase them. This inspired me to form the ensemble as I also had adequate skills and knowledge which I needed to pass on to the upcoming artists.

My dream is to be the best theatre director of all time not just focusing on Zimbabwean stories but going further doing top of the edge acts with other institutions across the globe.

I have worked with a lot of artists in Zimbabwe namely Clement Magwaza, Jeys Marabini and Ndux Malax and abroad.

I started touring at a tender age of 17. From there I didn’t look back, that is when I believed in the arts. I have travelled to places like United Kingdom, South Africa, Botswana, Spain and France.

I have directed a number of dance productions which have helped Ezimnyama Arts to become one of the best Ensembles in Zimbabwe. I have led the team to win the Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance festival in 2017 and 2019. We were crowned the national champions.